Wait... What’s a freelance nun?

I’m a non-denominational, part-time “religious professional”. I teach meditation and spiritual mindset tools to individuals and groups of any or no religion. It’s about finding what works for you - rather than teaching a specific system. I also have art I want to make and don’t have time for dogma.

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Juniper McKelvie is an independent artist and freelance nun most interested in exploring what possibilities reveal themselves when people decide to be present with each other. Because it is a choice. We can choose to stop hiding behind “I’m busy, so very, very busy until the day that I die” and choose instead to be honest about and faithful to what is actually happening in the present moment. Because the present is literally the only time we have. Do we really want to endlessly repeat to each other how busy we are? Or do we want to try something different? I’m ready to inhabit a full-bodied aliveness that doesn’t analyze or avoid the present but instead fully embodies the truth of the moment.  

Want to join me?  

If you too are interested in this subject, please sample my scripts. Watch the reels. See what you think. And if you’re moved to get in touch, contact me. It’s just that simple.

The generously present Trent, Breshena, and Mackenzie at Wild Imagining Theater Company invited me into an inspiring conversation about my play, This Too Could Be Love. 

We discuss the intersection of my creativity and spiritual path and the intersection of love and theology. This play has been a semi-finalist in 3 nationwide competitions. 

Check out this episode!

This Too Could Be Love Logline:

A nun and an atheist walk into a cafe and… begin a conversation, a friendship, and…  maybe more? But can you really call it dating if you only see each other once a week and hardly touch?


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